DRIVE Your Sales with Print!

Would you rather use a marketing channel that is inexpensive or that delivers results? If you said results, then you need print.Driver

The industry is ripe with data on the effectiveness of print and its unique role in the world of marketing. In a sea of electronic messages, print continues to frame and influence shopper behavior in a way that other channels do not.

This is especially true of targeted, personalized print, but it is also true of non-personalized print.

Consider the data below:

• Direct mail response rates average 3.4% for letter-sized direct mail to a house list and 1.3% to the general public or a prospect list. This compares with email response rates of 0.12% and 0.03%, respectively

• Direct mail has the lowest cost per lead.

59% of consumers enjoy getting postage mail from brands about new products. Only 39% like getting this information by email.

27% feel that information that comes in the mail is more trustworthy than information that comes online.